Women's Bible Study: Revelation

This 2021 series on the book of Revelation is relevant to the times we are living and experiencing now. You will gain a better understanding of this book of mystery, poetry and prophecy that is moving towards fulfillment of promises, a constant call to faithfulness, and a reminder of the final victor, the Almighty God who sits on His throne. Join us as we encourage one another to remain steadfast, remembering the hope we have in Christ during the days we live in and an urgency to spread the good news!

REVELATION: Fear Not Tomorrow, Tomorrow is Won

12 Week Series by Matt Chandler

Mondays 9:30am-11:30am, Starting Feb. 7th

Thursdays 6pm-8pm, Starting Feb. 10th

Cost: $5 total

Notes/notebook will be provided!

Feb 7, 2022


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Event Organizer

Julie Johns

Office Manager


269.629.8064 ext.


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