For over 1500 years, the church at large has seen opportunities for reflection and wonder in the story of Jesus through seasons of the year. Advent is a time of beauty and reflection as we await the coming of Christ. For 400 years, the people of Israel waited after the last words of the prophets for the coming of the Messiah. Advent is a season of desperation coming to fruition through a season of hope as Christ is made known as Emmanuel, God with Us. Throughout this series, we will be looking at Jesus - who He was and what it means for us, focusing on one aspect of Him - The Prophet, The Priest, The King, The Savior. Each aspect of who Jesus was is an opportunity for us to find joy and hope as we encounter Christ in new ways.

Christmas Eve in person at 4:00pm
and streaming online at 6:00pm

due to inclement weather conditions,
we will not have christmas morning services.
merry christmas!

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