Awaken Your Church

Prayer is one of the most important practices for people following the Way of Jesus. We are taught to pray at a young age, told that we can pray to communicate with God, and encouraged often to engage in prayer for all of life’s circumstances. But what is prayer? For many of us, it’s a practice that shapes the way that we look at life. Yet, for many, it’s a mystery. How do I speak words to a God who is not physically in front of me, and will He answer? Do my prayers mean something? Am I being heard?

This guide is meant to help understand the practice of prayer in tangible ways that you can jump into immediately. Along the way, we will look at different types of prayers, how God answers prayers, and how prayer changes us. We hope this guide will be a rich well for you to drink from as you seek to spend more time with God during this series. We want to encourage you to engage with the material of this guide with a journal and pen in hand, prepared to write out prayers and reflections. Then share what the Lord is doing in your heart with others.


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