When reading through the Bible, the vision in Ezekiel 47 captured my imagination (Ezekiel 47:1-12). It is the picture of a trickle of water coming from the Temple that caught the attention of this prophet. The angel invited him into the water, beginning ankle deep, but then becoming knee deep to waist deep, and then swimming in the deep the further East that he traveled, away from the Temple. The waters had the power to bring life from death. Trees grew on the banks of this river, providing fruit for feeding and leaves for healing.

Nothing about this vision makes logical sense. Rivers don’t flow from temples, and they don’t become deeper and wider the further from the water source. Yet what a glorious picture of transformation, that everything those waters touched turned to LIFE! I see this as a powerful picture of the Church of Jesus Christ. In a time of so much dryness and spiritual darkness, the Church has the refreshing, energizing, and replenishing message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As a local church body, we are encouraging our people to cooperate with the Lord as we find ourselves moving towards those dry spaces He is calling us to address. We have chosen this acronym L.I.F.E. to remind us of the four currents we believe that God has given gracespring to impact our region with the gospel of Jesus Christ:
Love the marginalized.
Ignite gospel imagination.
Forge healthy families.
Empower servant Leadership.

As we are heading that direction, our prayer is that we find ourselves daring to go deeper in our walk with the Lord: Ankle deep, Knee Deep, Waist Deep, and In the Deep. Let’s dare to be used by God in the vision He has given each of us to address the dry places He is directing us towards.


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