gardens and graves

Easter is one of the most important times of the year for believers. In the seasons of the church, what begins with Advent and the holy waiting for Jesus’ birth culminates in the death and resurrection of Jesus. These two events are hinge points of the Gospel. Jesus’ journey to the cross and subsequent death for the sins of mankind provides the perfect sacrifice of atonement. This spotless lamb, led to the slaughter, provides hope for the world. In the darkness of his death, we sit in the somber realization of the weight of our sin. His resurrection brings hope because it not only proves that Jesus is who He said He is, but because we serve a risen savior who defeated death, hell, and the grave to restore us to the Father.

Our journey through the Easter season will follow the path of mankind from the first garden - Eden, to the Garden of Gethsemane, to the grave of Jesus, and finally to the restoration of all things when Jesus returns for His church. The season of Easter is an opportunity for believers to pause, breathe, reflect, and worship. A chance to behold.In our modern culture, we rarely take the time to stop and savor. We move around from event to event, scroll haphazardly through social media, and glaze over at the 24 hour news cycle. We seldom turn off the noise to simply behold the moment. This is our invitation for Easter. Slow down, tune in, and behold the wonder of a savior - wholly God and wholly man, who would live a perfect life, die a gruesome death on the cross, and raise to life. This guide is an invitation to pause and reflect. To see and be seen.


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