Discipleship Pathway

Discipleship. It's a big word for a simple concept. Discipleship in its most simple form means to apprentice under the teaching of a teacher. Jesus called His followers disciples and we become disciples when we follow Jesus as well. Our journey as followers of Jesus can be summed up in the following movements - Be with Jesus, Become like Jesus, and Do what Jesus Did. We believe that we don't become disciples on accident, but we need to intentionally seek the rhythms of Jesus within our community through experience and learning. Here are the first steps of the discipleship pathway at gracespring:


If you are new to the faith and have questions, Alpha is your first step! We provide rolling cohorts throughout the year to help answer questions, provide thought-provoking content, and be mentored by some leaders who have been walking with Jesus for a while. When you click on the link and fill out the form, we'll add you to our queue to join the next available Alpha Cohort!

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Belong, Grow, Reach

If you've been in relationship with Jesus for a while and want to find out more about gracespring and how we do discipleship, Belong, Grow, Reach Groups are for you! This three month opportunity will tell you what it means to belong in real relationships, grow to be like Jesus, and reach others where you live, work, and play. Grab a few friends or join in with your small group and dig into these resources together. If you're ready to get started, you can grab the curriculum below! Or utilize the above ALPHA form button to submit an inquiry for more information.

Belong Curriculum (Month 1)Grow Curriculum (Month 2)Reach Curriculum (Month 3)

Discipleship Pathway

We believe that growth in the Kingdom of God is not linear, so we are committed as a church to provide continuing resources to help our people grow. Below, you will find links for each of the Discipleship Pathway resources that are available at any one time. Each module is intended to be walked through for a month at a time in the context of a group, but you are more than welcome to walk through the resources and use them for your own personal growth at any time.

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