Alternatives Sanctity of Life Celebration

As a special incentive for our supporting church families, we are offering a BOGO deal. With this, you can buy ONE ticket and get a SECOND ticket for 50% off using the code BOGOLAUGH.

January is a special month set aside to celebrate the Sanctity of Human life. Alternatives not only values all human life, but works each day to bring truth to the men and women we serve through the love of Jesus Christ!

Michael Jr. is exceptionally gifted at combining story with thought-provoking life principles. He exhibits what it means to be a comedic thought leader. Using comedy and dynamic storytelling, he brings laughter and encouragement to audiences all over the world as he inspires audiences to discover and activate their purpose.

“Our desire is to bring comedic relief, but also open the door to deeper conversations” - Michael Jr

Jan 18, 2024


gracespring Bible Church
8643 Gull Road, Richland, MI 49083

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Event Organizer

Anita Ollila

gsOutreach Director

269.629.9622 ext.


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