gsCORE Team Training

On October 2nd, we will be hosting our CORE Team Launch! Starting this fall, every person who serves in any ministry at gracespring will now be called The gracespring CORE Team. You are the people who get things done and help people take a step closer to Jesus!

This launch is an open invitation to everyone who serves anywhere at gracespring to have a nice meal and spend some time being appreciated and trained as we look at what it means to be servants of Jesus, servants at gracespring, and servants within our individual ministries.

If you serve anywhere OR desire to serve at gracespring, we want you there! It’s going to be incredible!

Lunch is provided and childcare is available upon registration.

Oct 2, 2022


12:30 pm
gracespring Bible Church

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Event Organizer

Kenneth Price

Spiritual Formation Pastor

269.629.8064 ext.


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