RESILIENT Mental Health Conference

Join us for the RESILIENT Mental Health Conference April 28-29. All are welcome!

There’s no shortage of difficult situations in today’s society. In fact, they appear to be coming from every direction.  Perseverance, tenacity, fortitude, bouncing back, are words that represent resilient living.  Resilient living is the ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficult situations. This is why the Response Care Center is hosting the RESILIENT Conference at gracespring Bible Church on April 28 and 29th.

The conference is designed to be practical and to start the conversation about advancing through adversity together. In addition to our Keynote Speaker Dr. Brooks Gibbs, a social psychologist who is passionate about resiliency, we will be offering breakout sessions that target business, education, ministry, trauma, military, first responders, marriages and families. The goal of these sessions is to address resiliency from an individual and community perspective.

We’ve kept the cost low so that anyone in our community who wants to join us will be able to. Please consider this your personal invitation to attend the Resilient Conference or feel free to pass this information along.

Apr 29, 2023


6:00pm Friday through 3:00 Saturday
gracespring Bible Church
8643 Gull Road, Richland, MI 49083

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Event Organizer

Sandy Cook

Response Care Center Office Manager

269.629.8064 ext.


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