Women's Monday Bible Study

Women's Winter Study: God’s Festivals: Rehearsals of Redemption

Live Teaching: by Brenda Mitchell

Times: Mondays, 9:30am-11:30am, February 6th-April 24th

Cost: $15

Registration will open in January!

When God wants His people to understand something, He gives visuals and metaphors. The seven primary festivals the Israelites were commanded to celebrate all illustrated specific events that would take place in God’s plan of redemption and to anticipate Christ’s fulfillment of His second coming!  As the Israelites kept these annual appointments with their God, they were rehearsing in advance the things that He would do to bring all of humanity back into a full relationship with Him. As non-Israelites, we are not commanded to keep these festivals in all their detail, but there is much we can learn about our Messiah as we explore the metaphors embedded within them.

Join us for this interesting, impactful, and interactive study, in which you will have the opportunity to participate in several of the “rehearsal” activities yourself! Our own Brenda Mitchell will be presenting this content in person.

Feb 6, 2023


gracespring Bible Church

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