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Burned out, burned up or burned at the stake. One way or another, many people in ministry get “burned.” Alongside provides hope, healing, and recovery for those who are experiencing stress and burnout in ministry—suffering in the service of Christ.

Certainly, a life of ministry brings many joys, but the reality is, it can also be grueling – now more than ever in our fast-paced, post-modern world.

Alongside is committed to helping pastors and missionaries who are weary and struggling to find healing and wholeness. Our program allows individuals to recapture and grow in their health, joy, and effectiveness as they follow the call of Christ.

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Alongside has a large property with a lot of open space that needs mowing some areas twice weekly, some once a week, and other areas only when instructed.


With so many gardens, it is difficult to maintain them all. This opportunity is simply weeding out the gardens or just spraying the areas regularly.

Spring Workdays

A spring workday will include mulching, planting flowers, general clean up from winter.

Fall Cleanup

This involves clearing plant beds, leaf clean up around the property.

Snow Removal

In the winter they need help with snow plowing and shoveling.

Bed Making

After a program finishes the beds need to be made for the next families that come.

Suite Cleaning

Suites and the ministry rooms need to be cleaned in between programs so that they are prepared for the guests.

Building Maintenance

Some handyman repairs around the property as well as assistance on occasional construction projects‍

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Get Connected


6701 Alongside Lane,

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