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At Children’s HopeChest, we empower orphaned and impoverished children and their communities through relationships that cultivate holistic transformation and sustainability. Our unique Community-to-Community model connects communities in the U.S. to communities overseas with a high population of orphaned and impoverished children. We seek to bring lasting, positive transformation to those we serve, and in turn, our communities in North America are impacted as well.

Children’s HopeChest exists to glorify God by releasing the potential of orphaned and impoverished children and their communities. We do this through partnerships that cultivate two-way transformation.

Children’s HopeChest seeks to glorify God by effecting positive, lasting change in the lives of vulnerable children around the world. Specifically, we engage communities in long-term partnerships.

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We believe holistic transformation in the world’s most vulnerable communities occurs when one community partners with another. We work with small groups, community and interest-based groups, Bible studies, and influencers to create partnerships with communities of orphaned and vulnerable children around the world.

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