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Creating space for people to worship

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Ways To Serve

A group of teams who leverage design, language and digital media to communicate the gospel of Christ across a variety of mediums. We love to create new on-ramps and connection opportunities for others.

If you enjoy

  • Graphics, design and page layout
  • Social media
  • Writing, proofing, editing and content coordination (online and off)
  • Photography and or Video
  • Creative brainstorming 
  • Building, construction

Creative Collective   

The purpose of this team is to inspire in people a thirst for the Living God.  They are responsible for bringing the black and white sermon series to life on a Sunday morning. They are a group of individuals with a strong creative background and desire to see the gospel come to life in tangible ways. From the brainstorming process to the execution of those ideas, this team will bring a wide variety of creative gifting's to the table.  Our team is made up of both the “dreamers and the executors”. Those people who use their gifts to imagine what could be and those who make it happen.   

Writing, Editing & Proofing Team

Proofing, copywriting, editing and content coordination for promotional pieces, web pages, newsletters and other informational pieces. Bring a strong voice of clarity and simplicity to messaging and wayfinding. Help transform “information” to “inspiration” through pithy writing and editing.

Social Media Team

We are building a team of people with different gifts who can help us communicate the heart of gracespring through words and imagery. We welcome people with a heart for writing, editing, video and photography.

Video and Photography Team

Capture moments from the life of the church through compelling photography that can be shared in a variety of channels including weekend services, social media, online galleries, print pieces, videos and more.  Do you have a passion for crafting stories and capturing events through the medium of video? What about being on a team that creates video content that you see every weekend? Do you have experience in any aspect of filmmaking? If this sounds like you, maybe this is your team.

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